How to Remove a Vehicle Wrap?

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How to Remove a Vehicle Wrap?

Vehicle wraps advertising is a great method for business to advertise their services, but can also be a great way for an individual to make some extra money just by driving around, as some companies will even pay individuals for the rights to place a colorful wrap on their personal vehicle.

These Vinyl wraps are designed to be a semi-permanent solution to your advertising needs. So, if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle or graphics, wraps can be removed without causing damage to the factory paint and this is where this guide will come handy if you are planning to do it on your own.

In order to remove your auto wrap easily and without damaging the vehicle body or paint, you will going to need to have heat gun, paint thinner or citrus cleaner! To find and purchase all of these item, go to your nearest auto parts stores and there you will find these required items.

Before you began removing flee wrap, it will be very effective that you park your vehicle in the sun for several hours, especially if the temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, as the heat from the sun and air will going to aid with the removal process.


Steps for Removing a Vehicle Wrap

Following are the eight steps to remove vehicle wraps easily in no time:

1) First of all, clean the wrap thoroughly to remove any dust or stain etc.

2) Plug your heat gun into an electrical outlet or approved extension cord.

3) Hold the heat gun 6 inches from the vehicle and start heating one corner of the wrap until it begins to take apart from the vehicle.

4) Keep the gun moving, heating slowly across the entire area so that it prevents the paint underneath from being damaged.

5) Start pulling the wrap away slowly as it begins to separate from the vehicle. Keep your fingers close to the vehicle as you pull the wrap away. This helps to remove the wrap in bigger pieces. Continue working your way down the panel with the heat gun and pull the wrap away in sections.

6) Repeat the step 5 with each section until the full wrap is removed. It should come off in fairly large sheets.

7) Clean and Wipe off any residual adhesive material immediately with the citrus cleaner or paint thinner. In case of paint thinner, use small amounts on a rag, and wipe the area dry afterward to avoid damaging the paint.

8) Wash the vehicle thoroughly as normal to remove the 3M citrus cleaner.

By following above tips and steps, you will be able to remove your auto wrap. But if you are afraid that you might damage your vehicle body or paint and OR don’t have the time and want some professional help for doing so, do not hesitate and Call our auto wraps removal specialists at DFW Vehicle graphics and we will get the job done for you nice and easy in a very affordable cost!

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