Billboard Advertising OR Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

//Billboard Advertising OR Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

Billboard Advertising OR Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

Marketing a product, service, or even a company, is the most critical aspect of a business. Reaching the target customers, getting the desired response, earning big bucks, are the objective of any marketing campaign. How to introduce a product in the market? A tough decision because of the multiple useful approaches, not all good for each business. Billboard and vehicle wrap are two popular and productive advertising approaches helping a business attract prospects and getting them converted into loyal customers. How much useful both advertising modes are, this article will shed light on this topic. A useful read if you are new to the marketing world or going to launch your own business.

Billboards: The Static Advertising Mode

Although it’s static, but the drivers, the pedestrians notice in a glimpse what your business is all about. The audience is larger, from different walks of life, different professions, different age groups, gender, ethnicity, etc. It has been said that a billboard, if prepared perfectly, lets your business get introduced in just 5 seconds. How interesting and productive advertising approach it is. This instant connection results in many business deals, one could imagine. However, the right place of the billboard, creative design, and short true business message are the main ingredients to make this advertising mode effective.


Pros Of Billboard Advertising

  • Billboards remind the prospects about the business on continuous basis (until the end of the contract)
  • Can be a forced advertising style, no one can turn off if doesn’t like.
  • Huge size with appealing design grabs the attention of the passengers
  • Directing prospects how to move with the business
  • Lets the customers find the business
  • More chances of higher sales
  • Helps building company repute

Cons Of Billboard Advertising

  • It’s expensive as far as the exposure is concerned
  • Can be damaged due to weather or any other reason
  • It’s static, not dynamic
  • Same message all the time, may get boring
  • Can’t hit a specific market
  • Less business information to be shared with the prospects
  • Short term investment

Vehicle Wraps: The Mobile Billboards

Yes, it’s true; a vehicle wrap is termed as a mobile billboard, advertising any business. However, these mobile wraps are more effective for increasing brand awareness and the sales volume. This advertising mode serves round the clock and helps earning the right return on investment. If a vehicle wrap is repetitively seen by the prospects, more are the chances to get their calls in case of product or service need. These vinyl printed designs, on any vehicle that moves, are perfect for both long and short term promotions.

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Comparison Of Billboards And Vehicle Wraps

Which advertising mode to pick? Here are some simple points to make your decision easier.

The Static And Moving Advertising

Billboards are static and hence have limited exposure to the targets. However, the vehicle graphics can move in the city, can be parked in the target market, outside schools, colleges, restaurants, malls, to grab the attention of the Real prospects. It means vehicle wrap advertising is not ambiguous.



Lease Agreement

For a billboard, you may have to pay on short terms, whatever conditions apply. The location may also vary depending on the lease cost. That’s not the case with vehicle wraps; you can have your own vehicle wrapped without paying to the lease company.

The Time Of Usage

The billboard messages stay alive until the end of the lease, which is a short, limited time. Then it becomes out of sight, out of mind thing. However, vehicle wraps can go as long as 5 years. The per day number of impressions for billboards is also quite lower compared to the moving wraps.

The Cost Factor

The cost of billboards is different for different sizes. For a standard 12x24feet billboard can charge you $20K to $30K. There is another luxurious option of LED billboards for which you may have to bear the burden of million dollars. Can you afford that? If not, then believe it moving wraps are cost effective for your advertising need. Other than the placing cost of a billboard, the designing cost could also be a burden. There are companies offering to handle the outdoor advertising campaign, but make it sure they aren’t charging you separately for each effort.


After having a clear idea, it’s your choice which way to go. There are pros and cons of using billboards and vehicle wraps. If you want an affordable and effective marketing medium, moving vehicles can be a choice, otherwise the static mode of advertising is also useful to spread your business message. The main objective is to get customers, have more sales, and earn more dollars.

Make an intelligent business choice!

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