Time for a wrap?

Time for a wrap?

Did you know that the average American spends about 15 hours in their car per week? Or that it is estimated that a vehicle wrap can garner between 30,000 and 70,000 views daily and even more in densely populated areas like Dallas?  How about the fact that out of all other visual forms of advertisement  such as billboards, radio, local network television and newspaper, vehicle wraps generate the lowest cost per thousand impressions at only $0.70 per view?  Still don’t think a vehicle wrap is beneficial to your company?  The process is simple and easy and extremely cost efficient for anyone trying to build their business or product recognition.

A vehicle wrap is a great investment, but where should you start?  Your first step is to come into our shop, located on the corner of Plano and Miller Road in Dallas, Texas.  Here is where you’ll sit down with one of our talented graphic designers and lay out all your ideas. Our team is specially trained to work with the client and ensure that the message for your wrap is conveyed in the design accurately and appropriately reflects the essence of your company.  Once your design is approved, we can move to the next phase – printing.

We print and laminate our wraps in house on 3 mil Controltac with the latest state of the art printing equipment.  Controltac is a thin and adhesive material containing air release channels that allows for minimal bubbles when applied and maximum stretching when applied without ruining the integrity of the paint job on the vehicle.  In fact, wraps can actually help to protect your vehicles from the harsh natural elements and are easily removed.

[blockquote style=”normal”]The process is simple and easy and extremely cost efficient for anyone trying to build their business or product recognition.[/blockquote]

Next we install and apply the wrap accurately to your vehicle according to your approved design.  It is a maximum 3 day process at our shop, no middle man or outsource installers.  You will work with us from day one to the very end.

Still have more questions?  We are here to help! Here are some common FAQs:

  • Can you install at other locations besides your shop? Yes! We have done it in the past and will continue to do it for the convenience of our clients.
  • Do you only do full wraps? What is a full wrap and a half wrap? No, we do everything from full wraps to half wraps to decals.  Full wrap, half wrap and quarter wrap all refer to the amount surface area of vehicle that the wrap will covering.
  • How long do wraps last?  And how do I care for a vehicle wrap? Our wraps are guaranteed for 3-5 years if taken care of properly. See here for more detailed warranty instructions: http://www.dfwvehiclegraphics.com/our-business/warranty Your wrap is also easy to care for! Avoid power washing and scrapers but brushing windows, defrosters or car washes will not damage your wrap.
  • Can I wrap my windows? Yes! Only rear side and rear windows though.  It will be printed on our special perforated vinyl that allows the driver to still see through the windows without obstructing any views.
  • Can the wrap be removed or information be replaced without damaging the vehicle? Yes the wrap can be removed easily, information can be changed and replaced and No it will not damage your vehicle.  If fact, vehicle wraps can actually protect your vehicle’s paint job from any of the natural elements, like nicks and scratches and UV exposure provided your paint is not compromised before hand.
  • Are vehicles the only thing you can wrap? Heck no! Let your creativity go wild!  We can wrap anything!  Boats, bus shelters, containers, table tops, walls, elevators, instruments, and free standing booths are all good wrap candidates.

Wrapping is a great and memorable way of marketing your business or product.  It is a creative, exciting and simple process that will be beneficial and ultimately the most cost effective form of advertisement.  If you would like any more information or details we are happy to help.  Please feel free to give us a call and set up your consultation with our team.

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