Transform Your Car with Less Effort, if You Wrap it Properly

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Transform Your Car with Less Effort, if You Wrap it Properly

If you are not in favor of expensive sprays and car paints, then try Vinyl Decals for your special vehicle. Car decals are less expensive than sprays as they give extra shine and cover of protection from weather and harmful sun rays. But everybody can’t afford to hire a professional to do the wrapping job. At the same time amateurs are not well versed with the “ins” and “outs” of installing these decals on the surface of their vehicles.

Hence there are some important points which should be kept in mind before dealing with the vinyl wraps.

How to apply car wraps

If you are all set to do the wrapping job on your own then you need to arrange some basic tools. Once you have the tools then first thing you have to do is to get your hands on essential cleaning work before you apply your most favorite car decal on your vehicle. Car decals and wraps requires special treatment, hence you need to clean the surface of your car before applying the vinyl decals. Otherwise you may ruin the decal and damage the surface of the car as well.

An extensive cleaning helps to remove dust particles and Grease on the surface of your vehicle. And in order to clean it properly you can use liquid detergent with Luke warm water. After cleaning the surface, just wipe with a dry towel or a soft cloth.

Now your car is all set for vinyl wrap and you can paste your wrap with great ease. Make sure you focus on wrapping job and spend some time to avoid surface bubbles. Surface bubbles in the vinyl sheet looks awkward once your sheet is pasted on the surface of the car.

You can apply the vinyl sheet with a special adhesive. You can also use the application spray to make the surface smooth and ready for the final application. The spray is ideal for beginners, as one can easily reposition the vinyl sheet according to the design of the vehicle.

Never stretch the vinyl wrap, as this can cause serious end lift. Squeezing the sheet is the right option, rather stretching it. Vehicle wraps and decals are quite sensitive and require special handling.

For squeezing, always use the down motion and start from the center of the sheet rather starting from one end to another. In case you find any bubbles on the surface of the sheet, then puncture immediately with the help of a pin. This is the easiest way to handle these bubbles with care otherwise you can’t remove them once the vinyl sheet is dried.

The vinyl decals just take 15 minutes to settle and stick on the surface. Once vinyl sheet stick to the surface, it stay there for a very long time and you can remove it easily if you want to replace your current wrap.

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