6 Tips for an Effective Vehicle Wrap Design

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6 Tips for an Effective Vehicle Wrap Design

We all know how important it is to advertise your business to get new customers. What could be better for a business than a billboard on wheels? (Vehicle wrap). This can be accomplished through a custom designed vehicle wrap. However, there are some design tips to keep in mind when laying out your next project!


Brand Identity and Logo

In order to have an effective vehicle wrap designed, effective brand identity and logosareessential! If you have a poor brand identity or logo, your vehicle wrap design will ultimately not be effective. Starting with a poor brand means you’ve failed before you’ve begun: by wasting money on a wrap and missing a huge marketing opportunity.

So before wasting your money and missing a marketing opportunity, get your brand identity and logo designed by professionals!

Limit Your Advertising Copy

Including too much information in your vehicle wrap design isn’t a good idea at all. Adding too much information makes it difficult to read and remember for customers as well as making the design look messy! Passing drivers will only be able to read a few words before you are out of sight. So keeping the information short and precise is a good idea for making wrap design effective.

It should only include important information such as:

  1. Business Name
  2. Slogan or Tagline
  3. Business Phone Number
  4. Website or Physical Address

Use Large Size Text

Remember to use large size text as small size text makes it hard to read for people when vehicle is traveling faster.

Design to Fit Vehicle Dimension

It is very important that your wrap design be completed using the proper dimensions and proportions for the vehicle you plan to wrap it around instead of a generic template. Think 3 dimensionally!

Proper Installation

Installing vehicle wrap design properly is very important Just like it’s important to design wrap that fits vehicle dimension and proportions!The best way to do it is to let the same wrap company install it which designed the wrap. This way it will be installed perfectly and cost effective as well!

Let the Pros Handle It

Yes, let the vehicle wrap professionals do the job for you! There is failure for sure, if your wrap is designed and installed by a non-professional who does not know the best techniques of wrap designing and installation!

We, DFW Vehicle Graphics, are a professional vehicle wrap company and have been wrapping vehicles for the last 25 years! If you are looking for an effective and professional vehicle wrap job, feel free to contact us!  
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